Are you ready to have the very best first aid supplies at hand for your valued team?

No more archaic boxes that are locked away and unorganised?

An auditing system which is easy and efficient to take away the headache from meeting safety at work?

No locked-in contracts that are costly and confusing?

Safety education available to support your team in case of an emergency?

No middleman supplier but instead a solution through the direct producers which is the most competitive on price?

A solution which will cover your team at work, in their vehicles and out on the field?

Survival is an Australian owned family business.

Running for more than 30 years and servicing companies all over the world. We are experts in safety.

"By far the most incredible first aid kit out there. The swiss army knife of first aid kits. Genius design & award-winning for a reason"

- Alex Hunter, Talent Acquisition Manager, Metlife Australia

For more info on our revolutionary first aid products download the Product Catalogue

Key features of innovative SURVIVAL First Aid KITs:

  • Colour-coded, labelled sections for fast response
  • Numbered items for easy refill
  • Portable, accessible and convenient
  • Ideal for employee and customer gifts - ask us about Custom Branding
  • Free access to iFirstAid.

Servicing Options Available

  • Our service providers come to your workplace and organise a full kit exchange
  • Available across Australia and New Zealand
  • Scheduled services $13 per month or $39 per quarter per kit.

Restock inhouse with our easy restock system

  • Cross reference items in your kit with numbered labelling
  • Enter items required on Restock page
  • Submit your order online. The first aid items you need will be sent to you immediately.

Customise your First Aid KITs

  • Add your company colours and logos to leading Survival first aid kits
  • Allow your brand name to be stamped in support of workplace safety
  • Find out more at our Custom Branding page

Easy Payment Options

  • Wholesale discount off RRP (minimum $500 spend per order)
  • Credit Card Payments Direct
  • 30-day payment terms account available

We supply defibrillators as part of our Workplace Safety Packages.

SURVIVAL have teamed up with Aussie Ironman Guy Leech and his organisation HEART180 to ensure there’s a defibrillator within 180 seconds of every Australian.